At the West Hills Church of the Nazarene, we support multiple missionary families. Chris & Karen Lewis, as well as the Ward family. Phyllis Beaty is our Missions Council President. Please see her if you have any questions.


Please feel free to read the following biographies for they are here for you. Our missionaries are currently out serving for one great cause: Grow the Christian lifestyle.

The Ward Family

We are a cross cultural couple and both of us grew up as missionary kids in Papua New Guinea and South Africa respectively. LuVerne serves on the Africa Region as Communications Coordinator (RCC) and Rachel (grade 6-12 teacher) helps write curriculum for Rendezvous and Rendezvous PLUS, which are training events for Nazarene MKs. The Rendezvous events focus on preparing and equipping MKs for their transition from the mission field and through their transition back to their passport country.

Chris & Karen Lewis

Chris Lewis is an international evangelist and church-planter with the Church of the Nazarene. Born in 1972, he has known Christ since he was a child and was part of a music ministry with his family for 18 years from the time he was six years old. Karen Lewis was born in 1976 in Falkirk, Scotland. She loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart and is called by God to serve Him wherever He may lead. Chris & Karen travel all around the world spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.